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Get Started With Solar Panels In Palm Beach Fl

    • How Solar works: The sun’s rays strike the solar panels in Palm Beach, causing electrons to flow and creating an electric current. The energy is then channeled to an inverter, where it can be converted from direct current power to alternating power (AC) to supply energy to your home. Palm Beach residents make the best candidates for solar energy absorption. You’ll get a credit for any excess energy produced when you have a grid-tied system. This will reduce or eliminate your utility bills.

      Grid-Tied Solar System

      The panels can be installed to generate Palm Beach solar energy that is used to power your business or home. You get power from the grid if there is no energy generated. You get credit for excess energy generated by your solar panel.

      Grid-Tied With Battery Backup

      The energy from solar panels in Palm Beach is used to power your business or home. If there is no energy generated, your battery will first provide power and then, if needed, the grid. You get credit if your battery is empty.

      Solar Panel Stand Alone (Off Grid)

      The energy from the solar system in Palm Beach FL is used to power your business or home in Palm Beach Fl. Your battery will provide power if there is no energy generated. You don’t need to be tied to the grid, and you can have energy independence.

      Maximizing Your ROI

      Federal tax credits work in a different way than tax deductions. Credits are deducted directly from your tax liability at the end. The credit was 30% in 2019, is at 26% now in 2022, and will drop to 22% by 2023. Commercial installations will be eligible for a 10% credit thereafter. After that homeowners won’t be able to receive the credit. We can help maximize your credit by granting credits for energy-efficient improvements to your home such as solar water heaters.

      Optional Financing With $0 Down

      There are many financing options available for solar in Palm Beach FL. Home equity loans and home improvement loans are the most popular choices. These loans can be obtained with little or no down payment and allow you to still take advantage of the federal credit. And unlike other home improvements like solar, the purchase of the solar system is exempted from tax. Additionally, any increase in property taxes in Palm Beach is not applicable to the value you add to your home.

      Increase The Value Of Your Home

      Installing solar panels in Palm Beach can provide residents with a quick ROI. It will immediately reduce or eliminate your electric bill, and add tax-exempt value and property to your home. You can get this even if your monthly loan payment exceeds your monthly electric bill. According to Zillow’s analysis, your home will add approximately 4.1% in value.

      Reduce Or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

      What is the best way to save money on solar in Palm Beach FL Your solar system will typically produce more power than you use. Grid-tied solar systems are able to send back any power that you don’t use. Your utility company will give you a credit for the power you have supplied. This causes your meter and power bill to go backwards. Palm Beach, FL residents receive a check at the end for any excess power you sent out.

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Palm Beach, Fl requires inspections and permits for solar panel installation. Our solar project manager will coordinate all inspections and permits so that you don’t have too. Most cases won’t require you to be on-site. We also specialize in engineering, project management, and solar installations for residential and commercial customers throughout Florida to make the process as easy as possible. We love helping Palm Beach residents and businesses go solar, we are your top local choice for all your solar needs Contact us via phone, email or request your free quote for solar panels in Palm Beach fl today.