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Solar Panels In Port Saint Lucie FAQs

Q: How Much Can I Save?

Your monthly electric bill with solar panels in Port Saint Lucie will be lower if you have a grid-tied system. You are only charged for the difference between the electricity you get from the grid and the solar energy you produce and send back to the grid. Your meter should be run backwards

Q: Will This Increase The Value Of My Home?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that every $1 you save on energy will increase your home’s worth by an average of $20. You can increase the value of your house, and get assistance paying for it. We will help you locate any federal, state, and local incentives available, including cash rebates.

Q: Is This Good For The Environment?

A home solar system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease the need for fossil fuels. A solar panel’s photovoltaic cells emit no noise or exhaust. A grid-tied system allows you to not only power your home but also send electricity to the grid. This reduces the emissions.

Q: Will This Give Me Independence From Energy Companies?

Energy independence is your key to energy independence. You can avoid rising utility costs and less dependence on foreign oil by using solar. You can add an optional battery backup to store solar energy in Port Saint Lucie for future needs. This can be particularly helpful in Florida, where storms are increasing in frequency and severity.
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Q: Is There Financing Available?

There are many financing options that offer flexible terms and little or no down payment when opting for solar panels in Port Saint Lucie. A home improvement loan is the most popular. This allows you to borrow money against the equity in your home. Your monthly solar loan payment will typically be lower than your electric bill, and you’ll begin saving money immediately. There are other options, such as personal loans, solar leases and utility or city loans. Going solar is easy and affordable because of this. We’ll help you explore the financing options in your area when you request a quote for solar in Port St Lucie.

Q: What Are Federal Tax Credits?

Federal tax credits work in a different way than tax deductions. Credits are deducted directly from your tax liability at the end. The credit was 30% in 2019, is at 26% now in 2022, and will drop to 22% by 2023. Commercial installations will be eligible for a 10% credit thereafter. After that homeowners won’t be able to receive the credit. We can help maximize your credit by granting credits for energy-efficient improvements to your home such as solar water heaters.

Q: How Long Will It Take To See A Difference On My Bill?

You’ll see a difference in your monthly utility bills as soon as you have solar installed. Grid-tied systems allow you to send electricity back to the solar grid. This gives you credit for what you have sent, and causes your meter “backwards” in a process called net metering.

Q: Is There A Sales Tax?

Florida’s Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption allows solar products to be purchased without the need for a sales tax exceeding 6%. This exemption was created in 1997 and made permanent by the Florida legislature in 2005.

Q: Is Solar Exempt From Tax?

Your property taxes will usually go up if your property values rise. Solar is exempt from tax, unlike other home improvements that could lead to unwelcome increases in property taxes.

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What Are My Solar Options?

There Are Three Types Of Primary Solar Systems

1. Grid-Tied Solar System

solar panels in Port Saint Lucie can be installed to generate solar energy that is used to power your business or home. You get power from the grid if there is no energy generated. You get credit for excess energy generated by your solar panels in Port Saint Lucie.

2. Grid-Tied With Battery Backup

The energy from solar panels is used to power your business or home. If there is no energy generated, your battery will first provide power and then, if needed, the grid. You get credit if your battery is empty.

3. Solar Panel Stand Alone (Off Grid)

The energy from solar panels is used to power your business or home in Port St Lucie. Your battery will provide power if there is no energy generated. You don’t need to be tied to the grid, and you can have energy independence.

Why Choose Red Solar

Red Solar was started with the mindset of renewable energy being the future. We want everyone to travel through this transition. We can all agree that solar is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s not the only way. During a Red Solar energy evaluation, all energy commons in your home will be analyzed for results. After everything has been checked, we will be able to guide you through ways to reduce each component’s energy consumption and make your home more efficient. Our expert technicians will guide you through the process for better understanding and reassurance. Contact us via phone, email or book your free solar analysis in Port St Lucie FL!