Solar Panel Maintenance 101

Although solar panel maintenance is expensive at the beginning, it lasts many years and provides a good return on investment. Solar panels, like any equipment, require some maintenance to keep them running for many years. Although the initial costs and installation are the most difficult part of solar energy, it will not be easy to maintain your system. It is important to schedule regular inspections and keep on top of cleaning.

Solar Panel Maintenance 101

What should you remember after purchasing a solar panel system? How can you maximize your investment while minimizing your operating and maintenance expenses?

How often would you need to maintain your solar panels?

Solar panel maintenance costs are becoming less expensive as technology advances. You should be aware of three types of solar panel maintenance plans:

1. Inspections

An inspection of your solar panel system should be done every year. A professional should inspect your solar panel system annually. You should consider calling upon the expertise of the best solar panel companies in your area, such Red Solar if you live in Orlando. The average price of solar panel installation can range between 12 and 15 thousand dollars. This is not an area to be cut. Hire a professional to save yourself the headache later.

2. Cleaning

Your solar panels are located outside, most likely on your roof. It is exposed to many things, including birds and their waste, tree debris, dirt, and sand, and other environmental factors. You should remember that solar panels require at least two cleanings per annum, even if there is a lot of rain.

3. As needed/problematic maintenance

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Technology can fail. Technology can fail, and systems may need to be repaired. This is true for solar panels as well. They can need extra maintenance beyond regular cleanings and inspections. It’s important that you recognize signs that your system may be in need of some extra attention. Tracking your energy output is the best way to find out. You might want to contact local solar panel companies if you notice a decrease in your panels’ performance. A solar panel kwh calculator could help you to clearly see the increase in operating costs.

Solar Panel Maintenance: What are the Costs?

Any solar panel cost calculator will tell you that while solar panels can have a high start-up price, they eventually pay off their initial investment over time. When budgeting for solar power, you should also include the expected maintenance costs. Home Advisor states that the average annual maintenance cost for solar panels is just under $500. $150 for an inspection, $300 for both cleanings.

Solar panels come with warranties, just like many of your home appliances. However, it is important to remember that warranties are only valid for systems that have been properly maintained. Although a warranty may last for as long as 25-years, it does not cover any unexpected damage like damage from a storm. This means that neglecting to maintain your system properly will not be covered.

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