Red Solar: How To Choose The Right Solar Company

People often make common mistakes when figuring out how to choose the right solar company for installing solar energy systems.

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  • Cheap is not always the best. A cheap product does not necessarily mean a good one. This is a way to get a quick sale, and then move on. It’s likely you won’t hear from them when it comes time to service your system.
  • Do not trust a friendly salesperson. Many companies hire salespeople on the cheap in order to attract customers. It may be convenient to trust someone who smiles and does not require you to do your own research. We recommend that you avoid salesmen who come knocking on your door without any evidence to support their claims. (For example, “solar is FREE” or other such nonsense.) These door knockers might be friendly, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are representing a high-quality product or company. It’s easy to tell who you are dealing with, because they have little knowledge about solar energy systems. Instead, they’ll set you up for an appointment to talk to their high-pressure salesmen who will try to pressure you into a decision.
  • Signing a contract to receive a great deal. Do not sign if you are under pressure. Although there are tax benefits to installing a solar system in 2023 you should not feel pressured to accept an installation right away.

How to Choose the Right Solar Company

When selecting a company to install solar panels, research is crucial. It doesn’t take hours to do your research. Just a few minutes a day for a couple of days will suffice, as long as the information you need is available.

  • Does the company have a physical office? You can eliminate companies without a website or office from your list.
  • Do they have the skills to install solar panels correctly? A common problem that we encounter is the lack of quality. Customers will often complain that solar is increasing their utility bills. This is usually because the salesperson who “knocked on your door” is not an expert and gave the customer the incorrect-sized system.

Once the panels are installed on your roof, you own the system. You’re responsible for any problems that arise if the system is not working properly or the size of the system is wrong for your home.

However, it will be almost impossible to have the installer return to the job to make it right because most of the “companies/installers” would have already left town to move onto the next set of customers. At that point, the only option is to contact another solar company in order to resolve their issue.

  • Does the candidate fully understand your utility rates, and how they will be credited with solar energy generated? Request that each candidate show you proof of reduced utility bills. Net-metering is offered by electricity providers such as Tampa Electric and Red Solar.
  • Does the company have good reviews? Check for testimonials and customer feedback through Google, Yelp and other sites.
  • Do they have insurance and licenses? Have each candidate provide you with their credentials in writing. You can verify the license by visiting Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Be sure to also get several quotes written, along with a description of the proposed work.

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Red Solar is committed not only to providing high-quality customer service but also educating our clients on how they can save money by using clean, renewable energy sources like photovoltaic systems instead of traditional electricity from utility companies. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through every step when setting up a new system or upgrading an existing one—from design and installation right down through maintenance services such as monitoring and repairs if needed down the road.  

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