It’s not surprising that solar panels are so great for the environment and our pockets, but there will be an increase in theft of solar panel installations. This should not discourage you from installing solar panels. That’s the topic of today. Let’s talk about how to protect your solar panels from theft.

Use A Lock

A lock is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to protect your solar panels from theft. A simple lock can be used to attach solar panels to heavy objects. You can also buy locks with motion sensors. These motion sensors will not allow thieves to take your solar panels and leave without resistance. They can also sound an alarm if someone tries to move them, or send you a notification via your phone. The second lock is more expensive but will be well worth the cost. The biggest mistake when going solar was to spend a lot on equipment but then cut corners on security. Lock them down to protect your investment.

Place Your Panels Where It Is Difficult To Reach

Let’s say you haven’t yet installed your solar panels. You still have time to make smart decisions about solar energy. One of these choices is where and when you should place your solar panels. Spring is the best time to put up your solar panels! All solar installers agree that spring is the best season for solar panel installation. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact location.

Most Cases, It Is Your Roof.

Some people believe that they should be placed on the ground, over parking lots, near the exterior walls of a house, etc. It is also a good idea. Theoretically true. It’s, however, a way to attract thieves. Be smart! Buy solar panels that can be mounted on roofs. This is the best place to store them.

Install Motion-Detecting Lights Around Your Solar Panels

Many experts for home security will tell you to make sure that the area is lit. They will also recommend that you invest in high-quality motion sensor lighting. They will glow whenever someone comes close to them. Place them near your gate, just above your front door, next to your solar panels. If a thief attempts to steal your panels during the night, all parties (including neighbors) will be alerted.

Be careful when selecting light bulbs for motion detection systems. You will be able to detect motion more effectively if your light bulbs are durable and long-lasting. We recommend LED lights because they are the brightest and most efficient for all homes. Don’t be afraid of their cost – they last approximately 50 times as long as standard bulbs and are about 14 times brighter than LED lights. You aren’t losing money, but you are actually saving it.

Security Cameras: Make An Investment

The same experts mentioned above will tell you that good-quality cameras are the best way to protect your solar panel from theft. It is important to remember that thieves are aware of the cost of solar panels. They will steal your panels in any way they can. They’ll even wait until you leave your house before they strike. Your panels may not be saved by the lights and locks once you have gone. Security cameras will save your panels. Cameras will keep 99 percent of thieves away from your property, believe it or not. You know what you should do: invest in high-quality cameras.

You should also search for the best companies to put your solar panels up, and you should look for the best security cameras installers. If you don’t have the technical skills, do not attempt to do it yourself. The professionals are available to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can trust them.

Install Signs

A great way to protect your solar panels from theft is to place warning signs all around. These signs can be used to inform others that there are security cameras on your property. These signs can be used even if there is no security camera installed. In most cases they work. These signs deter thieves from entering your property. If you have cameras all around, most thieves won’t bother to break into your home. They are easy to install and inexpensive to purchase. You can use other signs than the camera, such as ‘No Trespassing’, “Beware of Dog”, and “Electric Shock Hazard”, etc.

Get Insurance

No matter how hard you try to protect your solar panels from theft there will always be thieves outsmarting you. If they do, you’ll be without your solar panels or your money. The solar panel will not be returned, but you can get the money. You will need insurance to cover your solar panels once they have been mounted on your roof. Ask your solar company if they offer theft insurance. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about financial loss or theft.

Choose Red Solar

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