Is Your Solar Quote Too Good To Be True?

Most likely, you’ve received a knock at your door. You’ve probably seen a salesman go from one house to another in your area, eager to inform residents about solar energy. They are right on that point. They’re happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and to offer a solution. You can’t say no to the price solar quote.

We offer advice on how to spot signs that a low price is not going give you the results you expect.

Solar Quote

How do you tell if a price is too low

If a solar quote sounds too good to be true, here are some things to think about:

  • Does the installer have a reputation? While salespeople can talk a lot, it doesn’t mean that the company they represent does quality work. Ask for reviews from customers. You should also insist on proof that the company has been licensed, bonded and insured. Also, you should insist on speaking to the installation team so that you can ask questions.
  • Are the sales rep and installer pushing you? Low prices are a sign that your company is doing fast and shoddy work. Be aware of any pressure to sign a contract as soon as possible. This is a sign they want customers and will do whatever it takes to get your money.
  • Find out what equipment they use. Do your research. You will find the best brands and those that are a few levels lower. Companies also install solar panels and rack systems. You can see why they are offering a low quote if they do not deal with top brands. You should look elsewhere.
  • Get a price per watt. Compare installers’ proposals. Avoid the lowest price per Watt.
  • Don’t believe anyone who promises you the moon. Ask about the effects of weather and shade on your system’s output.
  • Take a look at the system design. This will tell you where the installer plans to place the equipment, and where they plan to run the wires. Compare other companies to see if they are cutting corners in the installation process to lower the cost and complete the job faster.
  • Be aware of the financing. Many finance companies who work with solar installers charge a high fee, often called “points”, just to get you the loan. It is your cost to get credit.

Avoid falling for predatory tactics that can significantly increase the price of your new solar panels system. Red Solar has access to financing terms only for the most qualified solar panel installers. We can offer you financing terms that are unique to you.

The bottom line: Do your research before you spend your hard-earned cash. Choose the company that has experience working with top brands and has the endorsement of many customers.

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