How To Conserve Energy During Summer

How To Conserve Energy During Summer

How To Conserve Energy During Summer

The nation is currently experiencing its first major heatwave. It has brought scorching heat and record-breaking temperatures. Florida homeowners are turning up the AC in an effort to find relief. Turning down the thermostat can also lead to an increase in your utility bills. Here are five tips on how to conserve energy during summer.

1. Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

Air filters can become clogged with dirt, dust, and other pollutants. This creates a barrier between your air conditioner and the cool room you are trying to cool. The air conditioner will have to work harder than usual because of this. Regularly changing the filters can help prevent this from happening. It also reduces the strain on the air conditioner unit.

2. Plan Strategically

Shade can be achieved by planting trees and shrubs to shade your home and limit the light entering. This eco-friendly method can help reduce your carbon footprint and control summer heat. Native plants can be placed around the areas that are most affected by the sun to provide protection for many years. Homeowners who have or plan to install a solar system should not plant trees too close or in an area that would block sunlight from reaching solar panels.

3. Ceiling Fans Can Be Adjusted

Standing fans as well as ceiling fans can be used to cool down homes. This allows the air conditioner unit to maintain its temperature without too much effort. To maximize the output of ceiling fans, they can be adjusted according to season. Fans should be turned counterclockwise at high speeds during the summer months. To cool the room, this will force air down, not towards the ceiling. Remember that ceiling fans are for people and not rooms. If the room is empty, turn it off.

4. Reduce Appliance Use During Peak Hours

Many appliances can generate heat in a house, including the dryer, stove and dishwasher. Modifying your home at the hottest times of the day, even though it might take some planning, can have a significant impact. Alternatives include washing dishes by hand, using recyclable plates and utensils and grilling outside. You can also dry your laundry outdoors.

5. Consider Solar Power

It’s not surprising that solar energy is produced from the sun. Summer is the best time to have a solar system shine. If your home produces its own electricity, it can keep you cool throughout the year without having to pay more for electricity. You can save even more by going solar now with Red Solar. The federal tax credit (ITC) is available to qualified homeowners who have a solar system. Although different states may provide some relief in the form of rebates and other incentives, federal solar investment tax credits that were previously available will expire.

Choose Red Solar

There are many ways on how to conserve energy during summer, but choosing solar panels is a big way to do it. Red Solar has the mindset of renewable energy being the future. We want everyone to travel through this transition. During the Red Solar energy evaluation, we analyze all energy commons in your home for results. Our experts will guide you through the process for better understanding and reassurance. Contact us via phone, email or book your free solar analysis, roofing quote, more information on how to conserve energy during summer, and a windows and doors quote by clicking here!