Does Solar In Melbourne FL Allow You To Go Off Grid?

Solar In Melbourne FL

Does Solar In Melbourne FL Allow You To Go Off Grid?

Living off-grid is a lifestyle that doesn’t rely on electricity or other public utilities. This appeals to many people. Freedom-seekers may find it appealing to be self-sufficient and power your home with solar in Melbourne FL.

You may have thought about it many times, but could you really do it alone in the wild? How feasible would it be to live without an electrical grid that uses solar energy in Melbourne?

It’s possible to go off the grid, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to build your dream cabin in the woods. It takes a lot to plan and it can be very expensive to start off the grid. You’ll also need to ensure you have backup energy sources available, especially if your power-hungry devices are not going away.

The answer to the question “Can solar panels power an off-grid project?” is simple. They do. A Red Solar solar system designed with the best solar panels available can meet any energy demand. Despite this, there are still good reasons to remain connected to the grid.

First, you can support your local community by staying connected to the grid. The amazing benefit of solar power is that it helps reduce the strain on the electric grid during peak periods or when extreme weather strikes. You can create a reliable electrical grid by generating your own power and sometimes even sending surplus energy back to the utility.

Another example of homeowners using solar power to benefit their community is the virtual power plant (VPP). VPPs are activated when there is an excess of energy available. Home batteries connected to VPPs can trade their stored electricity to meet the demand when there is an excess of energy available..

As power outages become more frequent, homeowners are increasingly concerned about the reliability of their electrical grid. This is why home solar systems have been growing in popularity. Red Solar’s 2021 Energy Sense Index found that nearly two-fifths of homeowners are concerned about power outages each month. This has caused homeowners to look for solutions. Solar + storage is the answer. This brings us to the next point.

Solar in Melbourne FL + storage is second. It gives you the energy independence that you seek without the hassles and inconveniences of being off the grid. The Red Solar Storage system can provide enough power backup to last for long periods. The storage system can power up to half of your home depending on the size of your system. You can still use your home appliances and keep the lights on when the utility schedules its next rolling dark.

This is the third and most important reason to stay connected to the grid. You can save money by staying connected to the grid. Solar homeowners have the opportunity to take advantage of state-provided net energy metering (NEM), which gives homeowners credit for excess energy that they send back to the grid. This power can be sent to the utility if homeowners produce more renewable energy than they use in a given period of time. Red Solar’s high efficiency solar panels allow homeowners to maximize their solar production and save money on their utility bills. 

Local utility companies are a valuable resource for customers in times of crisis. Utility companies and homeowners can and should work together to build a reliable and decentralized grid. Solar + energy storage makes this possible right now. Red Solar has the mindset of renewable energy being the future. We want everyone to travel through this transition. During the Red Solar energy evaluation, we analyze all energy commons in your home for results. Our experts will guide you through the process for better understanding and reassurance. Contact us via phone, email or book your free solar analysis, roofing quote, and a windows and doors quote by clicking here!