Do You Qualify For Solar In Palm Beach FL?!

Here’s How To Tell If You Are Eligible For Solar

Solar In Palm Beach FL

Do You Qualify For Solar In Palm Beach FL?

Here’s How To Tell If You Are Eligible For Solar

Florida is nearing summer. Are you thinking about adding a solar system for your home? To find out if your home is eligible for solar in Palm Beach FL, check out Red Solar’s quick checklist.

Are You Able To Afford Enough Land?

You will need sufficient space to install solar panels to power your home or business. There are many options for solar panels: ground mounts, solar trackers and rooftop panels. Red Solar in Palm Beach FL will work with you to create the type of installation that is most suitable for your home.

Are You The Property Owner Or Are You?

The homeowner or property owner who will be installing the solar system is free to do so. Condominium owners can also be considered property owners, but they will need to confirm that solar systems have been approved by their condominium agreement.

Are You Able To See The Sun?

To work effectively, solar panels need sufficient sunlight. You can continue with the solar process if trees or other structures are not directly impacting the shade on your roof. Red Solar can help you determine if tree removal is necessary.

Are You Sure Your Electrical System Is Up-To-Date?

Your electrical system must be up-to-date and compliant to ensure smooth solar processes. An electrician can help you determine what upgrades you need in your attic or electric panel. You can claim the cost of any electrical upgrades required for solar installation as part of the federal tax credit.

It’s a great opportunity to go solar if your home meets the foundational requirements. Red Solar in Palm Beach FL can help you with financing and design a custom solar system. We also have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions about state and local incentives. Get your no-obligation estimate today with Red Solar. Red Solar has with the mindset of renewable energy being the future. We want everyone to travel through this transition.

During the Red Solar energy evaluation, we analyze all energy commons in your home for results. Our experts will guide you through the process for better understanding and reassurance. Contact us via phone, email or book your free solar analysis, roofing quote, and a windows and doors quote by clicking here!