Do You Need A Replacement Solar Panel?

Solar panels are designed to last between 25 and 30 years. However, it is possible for one panel to fail or become damaged. Is it possible for one replacement solar panel or do you need a whole new system?

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Replacing Individual Parts

Replacing a single part of a panel that is defective may be your best option. Your original installer can usually do this easily and help you find the right parts for your system.

You should be aware of potential problems that could arise when you attempt to swap out a single solar panel.

It is possible that the panel model you are looking for is not available if your solar system is older than two years and was not purchased from a major brand. But don’t panic! It is possible to use a different model or manufacturer as a substitute. It might not be possible to use it as a replacement. You can read more about this below.

Possible Issues With A Replacement Solar Panel

If a panel has microcracks, or their output has been reduced by wear and tear, you might have to replace it. You might face a problem when swapping out a panel. If you are replacing older panels, it is possible that the manufacturer does not stock the exact model or they may be out of stock.

Sometimes you can use the same panels but you’ll need to match the electrical specifications (wattage, number and physical dimensions) of the new panels with the old ones. This can be difficult.

There are also standards and requirements like fire ratings, groundings and cable housings. You might have difficulty finding a panel that will work with your system if they have changed in the past.

Final note: If the company you’re working with is not the same as the one who installed your original system, they may be reluctant to swap out panels on your current system. They cannot guarantee the quality or the integrity of the original installation.

Replacing Inverters

Inverters for solar systems are the same. You might need to replace inverters if you experience performance problems with your solar system. Microinverters can last up to 25 years, while string inverters are only good for 10 to 15 years.

These issues can also be problematic. The manufacturer will replace your inverter if it falls within the warranty period. However, if the warranty has expired, you will need to pay for the replacement. This can be costly.

Also, availability might be a problem. The original inverter could be outdated, just like the panels. You may be able to get around this issue by installing an inverter that has the same specifications. Before you do this, make sure you contact the installation company.

How Often Do Panels Need Replacing

Although there are some exceptions, most solar panels need to be replaced every 25-30 years. Many of the panels installed during the initial stages of the solar panel revolution are nearing the end of their useful life span.

Solar panels need to be maintained and cleaned regularly in order to avoid any breakages. To ensure they continue to produce energy at peak efficiency.

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