Can You Install Solar Panels In Boca Raton On Tile Roofs?

Solar Panels In Boca Raton

Can You Install Solar Panels In Boca Raton On Tile Roofs?

There are many factors that can affect the cost and design of your Red Solar panels in Boca Raton. Different roof types require different installation methods. A lightweight tile roof can pose unique challenges for solar installers. These are some things to consider before you add solar energy to your tile roof.

What’s unique about solar roofs made of lightweight tiles?

Clay tile roofs made of cement and clay, also known as Spanish tile and terracotta tile are common in the southwest and west United States. These three shapes are often associated with this type of tile: “W”, “S”, or flat tile. Lightweight tiles are those that weigh less than nine pounds per square feet. You may have ever attempted to walk on a tile roof to repair or maintain it. You might have damaged some tiles because they are fragile and easily broken.

It is not advisable to place solar panels in Boca Raton directly on top of a lightweight tile roof. These tiles may not be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, but they are not made to withstand additional pressure. The solar installation in Boca can cause cracks or breaks that could lead to roof damage, leaks, and other damages. The underlayment is the protective layer beneath tiles and shingles that can be damaged by drilling through them.

Boca Raton solar installers may choose to remove individual tiles and install special tile replacement mounts. This method is safe for heavier tiles but not for lightweight tiles. Even if this method is followed and the solar panels in Boca Raton are mounted successfully without any tile breaking, there is still the possibility of problems down the line. Vibrations from wind passing between panels and the racking system on top of lightweight tiles can cause future problems.

How to install solar panels on tile roofs.

An inset solar installation is a preferred method to install Red Solar’s efficient solar panels in Boca Raton on a lightweight tile roof. This will increase the cost and time required for your project, but it will provide long-term durability and prevent any potential damage to your home.

A roofing professional will remove the tile roof and lay new composite shingles. The roof’s waterproofness is ensured by sealing the transitions with flashing (sheet metal).

The solar array is then installed by a solar expert on the composite shingle. Composite shingles are unlikely to sustain damage that can lead to a compromised roof, especially when compared to the possibility of accidental damage to lightweight tiles.

Once the composite shingles have been installed, the surrounding area is filled with the tiles that were removed. This gives the roof an attractive appearance with the solar array built in.

What benefits does an inset solar panel install bring?

As with other roof replacements, costs related to solar-necessary upgrades may be eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

Inset installation is a popular choice for homeowners because of its overall appearance. Inset installations give the impression that your home was designed to harness solar power. This style is low-profile and is commonly used in new home designs that have solar energy predetermined. You can also keep any extra tiles from your roof that were used for composite shingle installation.

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