Best Solar Panels In Melbourne

Solar Panel Installation Brevard county

Best Solar Panels In Melbourne

  • If you are looking for solar, it is important to ensure that the best solar panels in Melbourne that are installed will do its job and last without any issues. We have the knowledge and experience to help you harness the power of sunlight, no matter where your home is. 

    Red Solar in Brevard County chooses top solar panels with high efficiency, leading warranties/coverages. We are Florida’s solar installers and we know the difficulties of installing and maintaining solar equipment.

    Installation Of The Best Solar Panels In Melbourne, Made Easy

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FAQ’s For Red Solar

  • What financing options are available to pay for solar energy?

There are many financing options available for solar panels in Brevard County. A home improvement loan is the most popular option. It is available with $0 down for qualified buyers. This type of home improvement has unique benefits. Your loan payment and your lower electric bill will be lower than your monthly pre-solar electric bill. This can actually help you save money each month.

  • What does solar cost?

The average cost of solar energy in Florida was $2.63/watt. This average solar system size is 6 kilowatts. That brings the total cost to $15.780. The actual cost of this scenario would be $11,677.20 with a 26% federal tax credit in 2020. The industry average pricing is used by solar companies, meaning that some people end up paying less than others and others end up paying more. Red Solar offers a unique pricing model that can be tailored to your system size and energy consumption.

  • Does an increase in property value mean that my property tax will rise?

No. You are exempt from paying additional property taxes on the property value increase that results from solar installation.

  • Do solar system installations in Brevard County expire with a sales tax?

They are exempt from expiration, so, No!

  • How much will I save on my electric bill?

The amount of electricity you use and the amount you produce with your solar system will determine how much savings you make. Net metering is a process where you only use what you need. The grid-tied solar system, the most popular type of installation, sends back the remaining energy to the grid. You get credit for every month. For every kilowatt hour you send back, you get a kilowatt-hour compensation. If your utility bill starts at $175, and you send $150 to the grid, your utility bill will actually be $25.

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There are many options for financing your solar system. We will help you navigate your options and help you choose the best option for you as well as handle it all and guide you through the process. At Red Solar, we handle all aspects of design, engineering, permitting, construction, installation. Industry experts you can trust and rely on to get it done right. Red Solar is licensed and insured and has proudly installed solar systems for thousands of Florida homes and businesses for years.

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